Location : Isa Zajmi, No. 01, 10000, Prishtina, Kosova
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Respect Our Rights (ROR)

The ROR group (Respect Our Rights) is a group composed of 24 children from different municipalities of Kosovo, aged 14-17, from all communities, including children with disabilities. The children's monitoring group was established by the non-governmental organization "Syri i Vizioni" and "Save the Children" within the program "Governance with children's rights - Monitoring the Convention on Children's Rights". The ROR Group will monitor the implementation of the International Convention on Children's Rights in Kosovo and local laws aimed at protecting and respecting children's rights. The ROR group will also issue reports at the state level which will reflect the implementation of the CRC and local laws and the situation of protection and respect for children's rights.

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Monitoring the implementation of the Children’s Rights Convention and other child protection laws.

Latest update in statistics 26/02/2024

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