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Criminal Code for Juveniles

This Code regulates the procedure for the pronouncement and execution of measures and punishments against minors, the judicial procedure as well as the mediation procedure for minors.

Convention on Jurisdiction and Parental Responsibility

States signatories to this Convention, considering the need to improve the protection of children in international situations

Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo

We, the People of Kosovo, Determined to build a future of Kosovo as a free, democratic and peace-loving country, which will be the homeland of all its citizens

Law on Primary and Secondary Education

In accordance with the authority given to him by the Regulation of the Provisional Administration of the United Nations in Kosovo (UNMIK) no. 2001/9 of May 15, 2001 “On the Constitutional Framework for Temporary Self-Government”

The Law on Protection from Domestic Violence

This law aims to prevent domestic violence, in all its forms, with appropriate legal measures, of family members who are victims of domestic violence, paying special attention to children, the elderly and persons with disabilities. disabilities.

Law on preventing and combating human trafficking

The purpose of this law is to determine the legal provisions through which the competent local authorities are given rights, obligations and responsibilities